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Rachel Pollack's books have been translated into 
Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Polish, and Portugese.

A number of my books are currently out of print. If I'm lucky I have copies available for those who want to get signed copies directly from me. (Sadly, that does not include The Dali Tarot, one of the most-requested of my back titles.)

A Secret Woman A Secret Woman (2002)

Rachel's first mystery novel introduces homicide investigator Simon Goldtree, who in the course of the novel becomes . . . someone else. Who that is we will let readers discover for themselves. It's still early for the book, but so far reactions have been wonderful.

Burning Sky (1998)
collected short stories

A limited edition collection of twenty-seven short stories, along with notes on issues raised in the stories, and a wonderful introduction by Samuel R. Delaney. Some stories are realist in style (if not necessarily in plot), some are modern versions of fairy tales, and some are outright experimental. Burning Sky was published by Cambrian Publications. Copies are best ordered directly from Cambrian, at

Godmother Night Godmother Night (1996)
Winner of the 1997 World Fantasy Award

Over a dozen images and plot ideas from Grimm's Fairy Tales are woven into a contemporary story about two women, their daughter, and Death, who appears in the novel as a diminutive middle-aged lady named Mother Night. Kirkus Reviews wrote: "It grows inexorably into a magical exploration of the deepest roots of life and death... Tender and disturbing, down-to-earth and wildly inventive."

Hardcover: $25.00(shipping info)

Temporary Agency Temporary Agency (1994)
Nominated for the Nebula Award, the James T. Tiptree Award, and the Mythopoeic Award

Michael Swanwick described Temporary Agency as "the real thing, a shot straight from the Jungian depths, and the single most gripping book I've read this year."

Hardcover: $19.00 (shipping info)
$11.00 (shipping info)

Unquenchable Fire Unquenchable Fire (1988)
Winner of the 1989 Arthur C. Clarke Award

The New York Review of Science Fiction described it as "not only the best fantasy of the year, possibly the best of the decade, and the best feminist novel of the decade."

Hardcover: $24.00
Softcover: $14.00(shipping info)

Alqua Dreams Alqua Dreams (1987)

Softcover: $ 5.00 (shipping info)

Golden Vanity Golden Vanity (1980)
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Soul Forest: 24 Tarot Writings (2011)

In Soul Forest, Rachel Pollack explores questions in what she calls "Wisdom Readings" - working with the Tarot to explore mysteries of our universe and ourselves. Covering topics as lighthearted as the celebration of May Day, and as deep as the shadow of the Holocaust, Rachel's writings use the Tarot as a mirror, a magnifying glass, and as a telescope to view the world.

Going beyond the traditional interpretation of symbols in the cards, Rachel delves deeply into the philosophical, mystical, elemental magic of the Tarot.

Softcover: $24.95



Seeker: The Tarot Unveiled. (2005)

Readers are encouraged to dive into the fascinating world of tarot, where goals, dilemmas, and dreams are brought to life by a colorful cast of characters. 

Softcover: $?.??(shipping info)

The Kabbalah Tree. (2004)

This book explores the stories, symbolism, and concepts of the Tree of Life, using a remarkable painting of the Tree by Hermann Haindl, creator of "The Haindl Tarot."

Softcover: $?.??(shipping info)

The Forest of Souls: A Walk in the Tarot The Forest of Souls: A Walk in the Tarot (2002)

The book that brought "wisdom readings" to her fans, Rachel feels that this book might be thought of as her Tarot masterpiece and is delighted that it is enjoying a wide circulation. Tarotists and non-Tarotists alike are reading, appreciating - and being moved to tears over - the profound message of freedom that the Tarot grants to us as we explore the depths of ourselves and the big questions which haunt and fascinate us.

Softcover:$15.00(shipping info)

Shining Tribe Tarot Shining Tribe Tarot (2001)
Designed and drawn by Rachel Pollack

About Shining Tribe Tarot (Caitlin Matthews (creator of The Arthurian Tarot) wrote, "The deeper levels of creation run through this pack, with a delightful freedom and wise love." Cynthia Giles (author of The Tarot: History, Mystery, and Lore) wrote "I feel certain that Shining Tribe Tarot will have an enduring place among the most admired and enjoyed decks of this century." And Mary Greer (bestselling author of Tarot For Yourself) wrote, "I highly recommend this deck whose essence is a combination of the power and joy of the life force."

Deck and Book Set: $35.00 (shipping info)

The Power of Ritual The Power of Ritual (2000)
The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Tarot (1999)

Softcover: $20.00(shipping info)

The Haindl Tarot: A Reader's Workbook The Haindl Tarot: A Reader's Workbook (1998)

Hermann Haindl's The Haindl Tarot was first published in the 1980s. Its stunning art and deep spirituality made it an immediate favorite. The original publisher commissioned me to write a text for the deck, and I traveled to Germany to live with Hermann and Erica Haindl for several weeks so that we could go over each card. Readers have often said that the resultant two-volume work was indispensable to their ability to understand and use the Haindl cards. Now, for a new edition from a new publisher, I have revised and modernized the entire work.

Softcover: $12.00(shipping info)

Fabrications Fabrications (1997)
The Body of the Goddess The Body of the Goddess (1997)
The Vertigo Tarot (1995)

128-page hardcover guide written by Rachel with an introduction by Neil Gaiman. Seventy-eight 3" x 5 1/2" full-color tarot cards illustrated by Dave McKean.

Shining Woman Tarot Deck Shining Woman Tarot Deck (1992)
Le Jeu Divinatoire Le Jeu Divinatoire (1991, France only)
The Haindl Tarot, Part 2 The Haindl Tarot, Volume I: The Major Arcana (1990)

Softcover: $14.00(shipping info)

The Haindl Tarot, Part 2 The Haindl Tarot, Volume II: The Minor Arcana (1990)

Softcover: $14.00(shipping info)

The New Tarot The New Tarot (1989)

Described by Dimensions magazine as "possibly the best book ever written about the history of the Tarot."

The Open Labyrinth The Open Labyrinth (1986)
Teach Yourself Fortune Telling Teach Yourself Fortune Telling (1986)
Salvador Dali's Tarot Salvador Dali's Tarot (1985)

Out of Print

78 Degrees of Wisdom 78 Degrees of Wisdom, Part 1 (1980)
78 Degrees of Wisdom, Part 2

Described by teachers, bookstore owners, and Tarot readers as "the Bible" of modern Tarot interpretation. Its marriage of common sense, wide-ranging knowledge, and esoteric awareness have inspired many tens of thousands of readers worldwide to a deeper knowledge of the Tarot.

Softcover: $21.00(shipping info)

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Tarot Tales Tarot Tales (1989)
Edited with Caitlin Matthews
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Doom Patrol
issues 64-87
The New Gods
issues 1-11
Time Breakers
limited series
Plus numerous short stories, articles, and poems in magazines and anthologies.
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Shining Tribe Notecards (1986)

An assortment of (17) images from The Shining Tribe Tarot$2.50 each/3 for $6.00

Please choose among the following images, indicating quantities of each selection. (shipping is $1.00 for 1-2 cards; $2.00 for 3-5 cards; $3.00 for 6 or more cards.)
Major Arcana Minor Arcana
Hanged Woman
High Priestess
Spiral of Fortune
The Sun
The World (Shining Woman)
4 of Birds
4 of Stones
Ace of Rivers
Ace of Trees
Ace of Birds
Knower of Rivers
Six of Rivers
Speaker of Birds

(shipping info)

Shining Tribe Giclee Prints
(click for more information)

Four prints in the larger format (25" high x 17 1/2" wide) available, framed in dark wood.$300.

The Ace of Trees
The Spiral of Fortune
The High Priestess
The Four of Stones (pictured on left)

Any of the 78 images are available, in this larger size, matted andunframed, for $250.

(shipping info)

Shining Tribe Smaller Format
(click for more information)

Unmatted dimensions: 12" x 8" 
Matted dimensions: 14" x 10"  Ten images are available in the smaller format,
 from the artshow. They are part of a first run of 22. They are: 

The Empress
The Emperor
The Fool
The World
The Six of Rivers
Ten of Birds
Ace of Rivers
Ace of Trees
Knower of Rivers 

Any of the 78 images are available in this smaller size, unframed, for $100.

(shipping info)

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Two books $5.00
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Checks should be made to Rachel Pollack. Send payment to:

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