Author 's Notes

Seeker: The Tarot Unveiled
August 1st, 2005

Life can be overwhelming for anyone struggling with finances, career choice, family issues, and romance. Tarot can offer new perspectives, guidance, and inspiration to guide one through lifes difficult choices and challenges. Rachel Pollacks warm and friendly approach puts beginners at ease as they learn about tarot and how it applies to their lives. Emphasizing this centuries-old divination tool as a fun way to spark personal insight, she demonstrates how to become familiar with the cards through intuition. Detailed descriptions of the Major and Minor Arcanas are provided, along with examples of how they can apply to ones life.

The Kabbalah Tree
June 2004 
This book explores the stories, symbolism, and concepts of the Tree of Life, using a remarkable painting of the Tree by Hermann Haindl, creator of "The Haindl

The Tree of Life: A Kabbalah Painting by Hermann Haindl. In the mystical Jewish system called Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is a diagram of divine energy and the structure of existence. Hermann Haindl has painted a wonderful image around this diagram, teeming with life, and I have the good luck to write a book about it. The book will appear in German and English.

A Secret Woman A Secret Woman
Published April 1, 2002

This is my first mystery novel. Here is the description from the jacket copy:

What happens to a detective with more secrets than the killers he investigates?
Lt. Simon Goldtree is the boy wonder of the Essex City Police Department, in upstate New York. The man who gets all the really tough homicide cases, Simon can stand in the center of a case and simply feel the lies. The media love him and women seem fascinated by him. The other detectives may consider Simon a grandstander, but, as Simon tells his friend Andrea, all he really cares about is the truth. But what about his own truth, his own lies? What about the secret desires he tells no one but Andrea? 
When insurance executive Martin Stanstead turns up dead in his own car, Simon's partner, Sgt. Frank Garrowey, throws himself into the hard work of the investigation. From the beginning, however, Simon knows that this case is different. This is the one that could destroy him. 
Slowly the two detectives close in on Stanstead's killer. They discover mob ties only to see a cover-up take shape in front of them. Knowing that Frank has too much to lose, Simon prepares to take on Essex City's gang boss, his own police department, and anyone else to expose the lies ó until his own secrets explode in the local media. 
Publicly humiliated and forced to resign from the force, Simon decides at last to follow his heart and become the person he always wanted to be. But what about the Stanstead case? If a desire for truth pulls the ex-cop back to Essex City, what will happen to his new life ó assuming the gang boss lets the former investigator live at all?
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The Forest of Souls: A Walk in the Tarot The Forest of Souls: A Walk in the Tarot
Published September 2002

This is a book I've been working on for a long time. Rather than an instruction manual on how to read the cards, this book is my statement on the essence of Tarot as a work of spiritual imagination. In it, we look at the concepts of different spiritual traditions and then experiment with how we can apply them to Tarot. We consider what it might mean if the Tarot images existed before the creation of the physical universe ó and then we ask the Tarot to show us the reading God received to learn how to make the world. We discover Tarot in such unusual places as the fairy tale Cinderella, and the myth of the Egyptian God Osiris. And we consider the Tarot as a teaching on cleansing ourselves of fear and guilt so that we may open the heart to divine mystery. 

The Haindl Tarot: A Reader's Handbook

Hermann Haindl's The Haindl Tarot was first published in the 1980s. Its stunning art and deep spirituality made it an immediate favorite. The original publisher commissioned me to write a text for the deck, and I traveled to Germany to live with Hermann and Erica Haindl for several weeks so that we could go over each card. Readers have often said that the resultant two-volume work was indispensable to their ability to understand and use the Haindl cards. Now, for a new edition from a new publisher, I have revised and modernized the entire work.