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The Fool, The Stick, and The Princess [April 2003]
Fake Dream [August 2003]
Walking With Wonder
Ideas, and speculations, and even stories seem to rise up from the trees and the ground when Wonder Girl and I take time out from their day to walk, look around, and think about possibilities. This column gives me the chance to set down some of those wonders as they come to me. Not all the ideas discussed here will come from walks with Wonder Girl. Sometimes an image seen in a book, or a story, or a dream, or a conversation will inspire a subject. Many of these columns will feature Tarot, or use the Tarot to explore some subject in myth, spirituality, or esoteric thought. Some columns might concern writing or they might explore some of my favorite characters from myth, such as the Greek seer Teiresias, or the Biblical Joseph, "Lord Viceroy of Dreams." Now and then "WWW" might feature a work-in-progress. I may even write about hobbies, such as the joys of writing with antique fountain pens, or the spiritual truths hidden in the game of poker.
Introduction [March 2003]
On Writing [April 2003]
Invocation to Hermes [August 2003]
The Tarot In The Land of the Dead [meta arts]
A Spread For The Holocaust
Waking Up the World Soul [llewellyn]
Writing The Forest of Souls
A Walk in the Shining Tribe
Stories on the Tree of Life
from The Forest of Souls