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Fake Dream [August 2003]
Walking With Wonder
Invocation to Hermes [August 2003]

Published 2005

The Tarot book for Young Adults and Everyone Else.

"Sparkling, dynamic, easy-to-understand prose that delightfully entices the reader by perhaps the most accredited author in the field of the tarot."

Silver Ravenwolf, author of Teen Witch

The Kabbalah Tree 
Published 2004

This book explores the stories, symbolism, and concepts of the Tree of Life, using a remarkable painting of the Tree by Hermann Haindl, creator of "The Haindl Tarot." 

The Tree of Life: A Kabbalah Painting by Hermann Haindl. In the mystical Jewish system called Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is a diagram of divine energy and the structure of existence. Hermann Haindl has painted a wonderful image around this diagram, teeming with life, and I have the good luck to write a book about it. The book appears in German and English.


A Secret Woman A Secret Woman
Published April 1, 2002

This is my first mystery novel. Here is the description from the jacket copy:

What happens to a detective with more secrets than the killers he investigates?
Lt. Simon Goldtree is the boy wonder of the Essex City Police Department, in upstate New York. The man who gets all the really tough homicide cases, Simon can stand in the center of a case and simply feel the lies. The media love him and women seem fascinated by him. The other detectives may consider Simon a grandstander, but, as Simon tells his friend Andrea, all he really cares about is the truth. But what about his own truth, his own lies? What about the secret desires he tells no one but Andrea? 
When insurance executive Martin Stanstead turns up dead in his own car, Simon's partner, Sgt. Frank Garrowey, throws himself into the hard work of the investigation. From the beginning, however, Simon knows that this case is different. This is the one that could destroy him. 
Slowly the two detectives close in on Stanstead's killer. They discover mob ties only to see a cover-up take shape in front of them. Knowing that Frank has too much to lose, Simon prepares to take on Essex City's gang boss, his own police department, and anyone else to expose the lies ó until his own secrets explode in the local media. 
Publicly humiliated and forced to resign from the force, Simon decides at last to follow his heart and become the person he always wanted to be. But what about the Stanstead case? If a desire for truth pulls the ex-cop back to Essex City, what will happen to his new life ó assuming the gang boss lets the former investigator live at all?
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